Real Peace


Praying for peace without genuine repentance is useless and futile. If a person prays for peace without sincerely realizing and accepting his sinfulness before God he won’t be able to find real peace in his heart and mind for the bible clearly teaches that “sinners have no peace (Isaiah 48:22).”

People must realize that only Jesus can give real peace for HE is the source of real and lasting peace. He said to His disciples, “My peace I leave to you. My peace I give to you ( John 14:27).”

If we want to really experience the peace that Jesus is talking about, we must accept and realize that we are sinners and unworthy of His love and sincerely repent of our sins and accept Christ Jesus as our LORD and Savior in our life and we will experience the real peace that Jesus has promised to His disciples. The God of peace will be with us.

Let the Peace of the Lord be with us all, amen!!!


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