Motivational and inspirational speakers are not gospel ministers or preachers. They only teach to inspire and motivate people. They only teach what the people wanted to hear! They don teach the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST in the Bible, instead MAN-MADE “FEEL GOOD GOSPEL.” This is the warning of the Bible about it:

“For the time is coming when they will not tolerate wholesome instruction; instead they will, to satisfy their own desires, gather up TEACHERS that will tickle their ears. They will turn from listening to the truth and will wander off to hear myths.” -2 Timothy 4:3-4

Some of the false teachers are:
Rick Warren, and
Kenneth Copeland (both advocate of Chrislam), and
Joel Osteen.
In the Philippines,
Bo Sanchez (Catholic lay preacher, motivational speaker), and
Bishop Oriel Ballano of G12.

True preachers preach about salvation by faith in Jesus alone by grace, justification by faith not of works, heaven, hell, second coming, judgment, eternal life and holiness.

God bless!


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